Types of noun

Noun and it’s types : Chapter 2

Basic 4 types

Basically, there are 4 (and only 4 types) of noun. These are:

  1. Proper noun – a subtype of concrete noun
  2. Common noun – a subtype of concrete noun
    1. Collective noun – a subtype of concrete noun
    2. Abstract noun

What is a concrete noun?

The first three types, i.e., proper noun, common noun and collective noun are collectively known as concrete noun. These are those nouns which you can perceive through your senses; which means that these are those nouns which you can:

  • See through your eyes (examples: boy, girl, city, etc.)
  • Hear through your ears (examples: noise, volume, etc.)
  • Touch through your hands (or any body part) (examples: bat, ball, pen, paper, pencil, etc.)
  • Smell through your nose (examples: flower, rose, food, etc.)
  • Taste through your mouth (examples: food, drink, chocolate, etc.)

Further classification of noun

The above 4 types of noun can further be classified as:

  1. Noun based on gender
    1. Masculine gender
    2. Feminine gender
    3. Common gender
    4. Neuter gender
  2. Noun based on countability
    1. Countable noun
    2. Uncountable noun
  3. Noun based on number
    1. Singular noun
    2. Plural noun
  4. Noun based on case
    1. Nominative case
    2. Objective or Accusative case
    3. Possessive or Genitive case
  5. Attributive noun or noun adjuncts
  6. Compound nouns
  7. Noun phrases
  8. Noun in apposition

In this chapter we will discuss only the types of noun with a little bit of introduction on each type. Please

Lets begin.

The 4 basic types of noun

Proper noun

Definition of proper noun

A proper noun is a which refers to a particular person, place, or a thing.

Examples of proper noun

  1. Ashoka was a wise king.
  2. I live in Toronto.
  3. Ford is my favorite car.

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