Food Vocabulary IELTS

Food vocabulary IELTS

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By Dhruv K. Mangukia

Food vocabulary IELTS – A complete list

This article is dedicated to all IELTS aspirants and test takers. I am so excited to share this article with you. It’s a complete list of all the words that you might need to use in your IELTS test.

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Meaning of cuisine

Cuisine – a style or method of cooking, especially as characteristic of a particular country, region, or establishment.

Synonyms of cuisine

Dishes, fare, menu, meal, grub

Examples of sentences with cuisine

  • Being a foodie I love trying cuisines from different parts of the world.
  • Indian cuisine is known for its spices and strong flavors.
  • Last night, I had delicious continental cuisine with a mouthwatering plate of crispy calamari rings.
  • Shawarma is the most popular Lebanese cuisine in Canada.
  • Japanese cuisine consists of some of the world’s most expensive fish.
  • The menu of a restaurant whic serves meals from Indian cuisine is usually big.
  • Indian cuisine is quite popular with its diverse regional dishes.
  • Fish or meat with vegetables is an essential part of French cuisine.
  • Chinese cuisine is notably famous for its food derived from various nonvegetarian sources.
  • Pizza, the world-famous dish that everyone loves, is a part of Italian cuisine.


Meaning of delicacy

Delicacy – Something pleasant to eat.

Synonyms of delicacy

Delicacy is a synonym for dish or cuisine.

Examples of sentences with delicacy

  • Fritters are a delicacy of Indian cuisine that is quite popular in the street food culture.
  • People usually find roasted almonds a delicacy over raw almonds.
  • Okara curry when cooked with cashew gravy is a fine delicacy to relish with family and friends.


Meaning of Viand

Viand – an item of food

Synonym of Viand

Synonyms – Victuals, edibles, provisions, grub.

Examples of sentences with viand

  • Water bread is the most loved viand from Indian cuisine.
  • Being a vegetarian, I only eat viands that are pure vegetarian.

Below mentioned are 9 words related to cooking techniques.

  • Culinary skills – Skills related to cooking.
    • Example 1: The fact that she can cook various dishes from a variety of cuisine is a testimony to her excellent culinary skills.
    • Example 2: The best mentor for every daughter is her mom when it comes to taking lessons on culinary skills.
    • Synonyms for culinary skills – cooking, cookery.
  • Baking – The action of cooking food with dry heat in an oven.
    • Example: This was her first attempt at baking a cake on her son’s tenth birthday.
  • Boiling – at or near the boiling point.
    • Example: Tea leaves should only be added to boiling water to extract maximum flavonoids from them.
  • Brewing – Use this term only for brewing coffee or brewing beer.
    • Example: Before the invention of coffee makers, brewing coffee was one of the most sought-after skills.
  • Broiling – Use heat to make delicate food into crispy ones.
    • Example: My son prefers broiled french fries over the ones that they sell at Mcdonald’s.
  • Frying – the cooking of food in hot oil. There are different types of frying like deep frying and shallow frying.
    • Example: I prefer deep-fried potato chips over baked ones.
  • Grilling – to cook food over hot coal, usually on metal frames or rods.
    • Example: My dad was grilling the chicken in the barbeque.
  • Roasting – use of dry heat or open flame to cook the food.
  • Steaming – a technique in which moist heat is used to cook.
    • Steamed rice is the staple diet for people in many parts of the world.

There are other words like browning, simmering, stewing, etcetera. But I think the words that I have mentioned above are more than enough. The target should be to not repeat any words in the same section of your test.

Make sure that these are specific words. You cannot replace them with each other even if you are using them as synonyms. For example, you always brew a coffee and never boil it. Similarly, you will always boil your tea and never brew it.

Remember the meanings of the above words and read the example to understand them. If you need more explanation for any of the words mentioned above, then leave a comment below.

25 words to describe the taste of food – Must know for IELTS aspirants and test takers

  1. Delicious – something that has a pleasant taste or smell.
  2. Lekker – Something that has a pleasant smell or taste.
  3. Juicy – foods that contain lots of juice and are enjoyable to eat.
  4. Lip-smacking – tasting extremely good.
  5. Mouthwatering – foods that look good and are believed to be tasty.
  6. tasty – Something that has a really good taste.
  7. Palatable – pleasant to taste
  8. Scrumptious – extremely tasty or delicious.
  9. Succulent – tender, juicy, and tasty.
  10. Acrid – having a bad taste and smell.
  11. Toothsome – temptingly tasty.
  12. Zesty – having a strong, pleasant, and somewhat spicy flavor.
  13. Yummy – delicious.
  14. Savory – food that is salty and spicy rather than sweet.
  15. Saliferous – Food that contains a large proportion of salt.
  16. Sweet – Food that is sweet in taste.
  17. Sugary – containing too much sugar.
  18. Sacchariferous – food that contains too much sugar.
  19. Candied – food that is preserved by coating with sugar.
  20. Flavor – the distinctive taste of a food or drink.
  21. Bitter – something that does not have a pleasant taste.
  22. Juicy – food that is thirst-quenching, moist, and contains lots of juice. Do not use this term for dry foods like dried almonds or dried cashews.
    • Succulent is the closest synonym for juicy.
  23. Piquant – food that has a pleasant taste.
  24. Tangy – applies to food with a distinct taste that would leave the tongue tingling
  25. Treacly – excessively sweet, to the point that it no longer tastes pleasant.
  • Mortar and pestle – used to make a paste. For example, Garlic paste.
  • Spoon and fork – used to eat food.
  • Peeler – used to peel the skin. For example, potato skin.
  • Tongs – Used to grab and hold utensils or bread.
  • Grater – Used to grate food into fine pieces.
  • Kettle – Used to boil water.
  • Mop – Used to mop the floor.

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