Types of noun

Noun and it’s types : Chapter 2 Basic 4 types Basically, there are 4 (and only 4 types) of noun. These are: Proper noun – a subtype of concrete noun Common noun – a subtype of concrete noun Collective noun – a subtype of concrete noun Abstract noun What is a concrete noun? The first … Read more

Proper noun

Proper noun Definition of proper noun A proper noun is a which refers to a particular person, place, or a thing. Explanation of the definition Based on the definition, it can be concluded that any noun which is used to identify an absolutely unique person, place or a thing is a proper noun. Examples of … Read more


Noun Introduction to noun : Chapter 1 Definition: Noun is a word which names a person, place or a thing. Examples of noun in sentence: Let’s take some examples for more clarity. John is walking. (Who is walking? = John) Las Vegas is a city. (What is a city? = Las Vegas) My book is … Read more