Types of noun

types of noun

Noun and it’s types : Chapter 2 Basic 4 types Basically, there are 4 (and only 4 types) of noun. These are: What is a concrete noun? The first three types, i.e., proper noun, common noun and collective noun are collectively known as concrete noun. These are those nouns which you can perceive through your … Read more

Proper noun

Proper Noun

Proper noun Definition Proper noun is a noun which refers to a particular person, place, or thing. Explanation of the definition Based on the definition, it can be concluded that any noun which is used to identify an absolutely unique person, place or thing is a proper noun. Examples of proper noun in a sentences … Read more



Noun Introduction Any word that we use to describe, define, or address a person, animal, place, or object is a noun. Definition Noun is a word which names a person, place or a thing. Examples of noun in sentences Let’s take some examples for more clarity. Explanation Above mentioned sentences list an example of a … Read more